The challenges of the new times, market trends and the creative team's own originality together shaped Original Travels: an agency and tour operator with the privilege of offering unique and authentic experiences throughout Morocco and attending all kinds of requirements: specialized trips, luxury itineraries, authentic experiences, among many other functions. If it has to do with gastronomy or history, we are prepared to offer the best of thousands of years of history and fusion of cultures and ingredients. In terms of Community-Based Tourism we're the real experts and will have you live the Moroccan culture from very close. If you want to experience nature at its highest level, we are ready to show you the biodiversity of Morocco in a very original way. Traveling alone will never be a problem; Traveling as group of friends or as a family is another of our many specialties; and trying to make your most eccentric desires a reality are the challenges we like to accept, because we are very confident that our extensive knowledge of the country and our excellent network of contacts can do almost everything.