Start to finish, our team is there for you..

From the dynamic team that makes up our staff, to our talented and dedicated Tour Managers, the OT Family is a tight-knit group of people with far-reaching connections working together to create one-of-a-kind educational programs.

We know how important a successful trip is to you. Your group expects a great deal from you and you want them to walk away with a smile, a sense of accomplishment and reward. Let the experts do the planning for you!

One of our knowledgeable experts will work with you from your first call until the day of departure. They will be available to customize your itinerary, answer your questions, provide guidance and listen to your feedback. On your trip you will always have 24 hour access to our emergency phone number where a representative will be able to answer any question that arises. And of course you will have an engaging Tour Manager during your trip to guide you through your journey.


Let`s design your dream vacation

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